FLEXTEK specialises in providing high performance engineered solutions for the transfer of fluids and gases in demanding environments. We are specialized in providing high-grade flexible connectors such as hose assemblies, bellows and expansion joints. These products are mainly manufactured from stainless steel , PTFE (Teflon ®), rubber and other fluoroplastics . The products absorb (thermal) expansion, vibrations and misalignment. Additionally they serve as temporarily connections, loading and unloading of fluids and gases and many other industrial applications. These are critical components in many piping systems. They are used extensively in engine exhaust systems, district heating, steam distribution and power plants as well as in the steel, chemical and petrochemical industries

We have a fully operating welding facility and production. Here we can assemble stainless steel hoses and expansion joints to customer demands. Supplying our customers with quality products in a timely manner is a goal shared by each of our dedicated employees. FLEXTEK realizes that added value is the key to any business needs; we have a team of enthusiastic, professional and experienced employees who provide customers with engineered solutions and knowledge. These solutions can be delivered fast, as we have our own assembly facility in Singapore. With long-term employees and a wide understanding of engineering and industrial applications, we provide reliability and experience for your most demanding situation
We are committed for the highest customer satisfaction by ensuring fast, reliable and quality products delivery. We resolve expansion, alignment, vibration and loading- unloading problems for a wide sector of industries by providing innovative solutions for their applications.
  The company is dedicated to the following target markets:
• The energy sector ( power plants, electricity plants, district heating pipelines etc.)
• The processing industry ( sugar factories, asphalt manufacturers etc.)
• Steel plants
• Chemical industry
• Sanitary industry
• Shipping industry ( Marine)
• Petrochemical industry ( Oil refineries etc.)
• Exhaust and engines
• Pulp and paper


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