PTFE hoses are an ideal problem solver for fluid transfer applications involving aggressive chemicals, extremes of temperature/pressure, extreme movement /vibration, or where hygiene is paramount.

The PTFE Hose liner is virtually inert to all chemicals and solvents. It is resistant to fuming Sulphuric and Nitric acids, Amines, Antioxidants and Methanol. PTFE hoses do not only have an excellent chemical resistance, they are also FDA approved.

• A wide operating temperature range (-60 C to +260 C)
• Inert to virtually all chemicals
• Resistance to weathering/ageing unaffected by UV light, resistant to oxidation, surface fouling and discoloration.
• Non-flammable
• Lightweight
• Superior flex fatigue life
• Low permeability
• Unlimited shelf life
• Solvent resistant

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