Corrugated Hoses

Stainless steel hoses and assemblies are produced sizes range from 1/4″ to 20″ nominal bore, the stainless steel hose range is available for general use in single/double braided to withstand greater pressure and vibration and to protect from abrasive attack.

Metal hose is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, combining the advantages of high physical strength, long life and good corrosion characteristics. It is also suitable for conveying all types of liquids and gases within a temperature range of -160°C to +700°C.

Metal hoses offer a wide range of solutions in different applications:

- To take up misalignment or thermal expansion of the pipe system;
- To absorb vibrations or to facilitate repeating machine movements
- High temperature fluids to be safely conveyed through a system under high pressure
- When a system is exposed to high external heat, corrosion or rough handling


Vibration Absorber

Braided flexible metal pump connectors have been designed to control vibration, reduce noise, relieve stress, prevent system shock and compensate for misalignment and movement.

Use of braided metal connectors for applications such as engines, pumps, compressors, and other mechanical equipment will enhance the overall operation of the system.

The right choice depends on the operating conditions such as pressure, vibration frequency and temperature.

Flexible Expansion Loop

Flexible pipe loops are an important alternative in adding flexibility to a piping system to absorb movement caused by thermal expansion and contraction as well as seismic movement.

Compared to hard pipe loops, they take up much less space, making them ideal for indoor application where space is limited. They require fewer supports, and are more economical. They have outstanding flexibility and no pressure thrust loads that can add large stresses to anchors.

Flexible pipe loops is an inexpensive method of designing for seismic movement in piping systems. They allow large movements in any direction, which is ideal for the random movements of earthquakes.

The flexibility of this Loop also make it ideal as a seismic connector to equipment such as boilers, chillers, and fan-coil units.

They can be used for a wide variety of services such as steam, hot or chilled water, chemicals, and petroleum products. And the orientation of the Flexible pipe loops can be changed relative to the piping, minimizing the likelihood of compressive movement.


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