Standard Moulded

Spherical Moulded Expansion Joints are designed for piping systems to absorb pipe movements, relieve stress, reduce system noise/vibration, compensate for misalignment/offset and to protect rotating mechanical equipment against start-up surge forces.

Single sphere bellows are inherently stronger than the conventional hand-built style spool arch type. The spherical design  reduces turbulence , sediment build-up and allows smooth, quiet flow. Internal pressure within a “sphere” is exerted evenly in all directions, distributing forces evenly over a large area.

The floating metal flanges on the expansion joint freely rotate for easy installation, compensating for mating flange misalignment. Neoprene and Nitrile materials for these expansion joints are all stocked. Contact the factory for alternative lengths.


Rubber Expansion Joints can be supplied with Control Rods

A control unit assembly is a system of two or more control rod units placed across an expansion joint  from flange to flange to minimize possible damage caused by excessive motion of a pipeline.                                                       

The control unit assemblies can be set at the maximum allowable expansion and/or contraction  of the rubber expansion joint. When used in this manner, control units are an additional safety factor and can minimize possible damage to adjacent equipment.

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